What Happens if My Home Has a Broken Skylight?

Having skylights on your roof offer many benefits, but there can also be issues that arise if they have been broken. If you have a broken skylight, it must be addressed immediately so that other damages to your roof and home do not occur.

Weather Damages and Leaks

The weather can have a major impact on your roof and skylights. Severe weather can cause small cracks on some skylights, which then will result in having water leak into your home. Leaks in your home from a broken skylight can do severe damage down the road if it is left un-repaired.

Mold Growth

When temperatures rise in the warmer months, leaks in a broken skylight will create a warm and wet environment that is prone to mold growth. With mold being able to grow, this can result in more damages to your roof as well. If this isn’t taken care of right away, you may have to pay more for major damages that can quickly add up.

Structural Integrity

With damages to your skylight, the structural integrity of your roof will be of great concern. This can also affect the rest of your home, especially your walls and ceilings. This is something you don’t want to see happen, so it’s crucial that you act to make sure your skylights are fixed.

Keep an Eye on the Entire Roof

Your residential roof should always be maintained throughout the year. If you overlook issues with your roof or skylight, you could be dealing with major problems and costly repairs.

Is it time for a roof replacement? Since you are calling out a roofer to access your skylight, why not have the contractor or inspector evaluate the condition of the other parts of your roofing system? This will give you a peace of mind of knowing what is going on over your head. It can also give you the ability to plan ahead for the future cost of a roof replacement, if one is needed.

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