Residential Roof Installation

New Roof Installation Grandview WAWondering if you need a new roof?

Your roof protects your most important asset.  If you are wondering if your home is in need of a new roof, our professionals will meet with you and conduct an analysis of your existing roof, complete with images, so you can see just what is happening over head. We will discuss roofing systems and types of practical roofing solutions, make suggestions on your project, and answer all of your questions. Making the decision of a new roof is a substantial one, and our professionals will help you through the process.

What Happens When you Hire A Quality Roof Now to replace Your Roof?

Roof Replacement Grandview WA

You will receive a detailed job proposal. This process gives you everything in writing and allows you the opportunity to get all your questions answered. Next, we find a time that works best for your schedule to replace your roof. Before removing the old roofing material, we will place tarps to protect your landscape. You can let us know about any special concerns you have about your landscape, pets, residents, and your schedule.. Your needs are very important to us as we complete your project. We will carefully place a dump trailer or dump truck in your driveway. In some cases, a dumpster bin will be delivered to collect the existing roofing debris.  The old shingles are removed and the roof deck is prepped and repaired (if needed). Your roof will be covered with a synthetic roofing paper. This roofing paper lays flatter and is less resistant to tears than tar paper. The synthetic paper will protect your roof during the roof installation. Then shingles are applied, along with the other roofing components, to give you a complete roofing system installation.

A Quality Roof Now works until your project is complete.

Our team does not leave your roof to move onto another job, and then return to finish it. That is not how we do business. When A Quality Roof Now starts your roof replacement, we continue until your project is complete.