Commercial Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Property Owners and Business Managers from the Tri-Cities to the Yakima Valley and Surrounding Areas Choose A Quality Roof Now for their Commercial Roof Maintenance.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Typically the roof on your commercial building is flat and unseen making it “out of sight and out of mind”. Avoiding roof maintenance can lead to damage of the roof and other components of the building-and possibly to the internal contents-requiring costly repairs and replacement. Unseen leaks can cause water damage to expensive machinery, resulting in downtime and loss of productivity.

Due to its constant exposure of extreme temperatures of hot and cold, UV rays, rain, snow, and high winds, the roof can be the most vulnerable component of your building’s protective exterior. Despite these negative effects, the long-term performance of the roof can be enhanced and major roof problems avoided with a regular maintenance program. The cost of routine maintenance for your commercial roof is minimal compared to the cost of roof repairs and replacement, interior building damage, destruction of interior business contents, and the loss of productivity as the results of a leak.

The roofing system is an important part of your building’s exterior which protects the building from Mother Nature, and it should be inspected and maintained regularly. It is recommended that your roof be inspected at least once a year. Some roof experts say that twice a year inspections are preferred in the spring and the fall or after extreme weather systems have hit your building. Identifying and correcting potential problems early is important to make sure a small problem doesn’t grow into a large problem causing major issues. Regularly scheduled maintenance will not only extend the life of the roofing system but protect the building’s content and other building components.

The maintenance program includes cleaning the roof of any debris and obstructions such as vegetation, glass, paper, or other materials. Our roofing specialists will perform a detailed inspection of all the flashing, edge metal, drains, fascia, HVAC, penetrations, and the field of the roof. Any damage found at that time can be repaired, if desired.

Here is what one Yakima business manager said about A Quality Roof Now:

 “Troy has been wonderful to work with. Having him do another roofing project for us.” Deanna D., Yakima.