“Warm It Up and Let It Drip versus… The Ax!” (Ice Damming Continued)

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It feels and looks like winter in the Tri-Cities and in the Yakima Valley.  This blog is a continuation of ice damming, a topic that might be on your mind. To recap, ice damming is basically the melting and freezing of snow and ice on your home due to warm and cold areas on your roof. When the ice is piled up and leaking into the home, home owners call roofers to hack away at the ice dam with an ax. This removal takes skill as not to damage the roof. A job left to a professional such as A Quality Roof Now. Really the best way to fight ice damming is to prevent or minimize ice dams. This can be done by having your ventilation and insulation evaluated and fixed, if necessary. Another prevention step you can take is to use heating cables.

Roof heating cables are placed on the lower parts of your roof and near the eaves, valleys, in the gutters, and any other areas susceptible to ice damming. The cables are installed on the roof. And the homeowner plugs in the cables from the ground during the winter season. This is so their roof stays warm. Which doesn’t allow the snow to accumulate, melt, refreeze, and leak into the home. After the last two years of heavy snowfall, more customers are turning to the installation of heat cables. Warm up the snow, let it drip, and avoid the ice dam removal with an ax! Call A Quality Roof Now for more information on roof heating cables-and snow removal.


Snow Removal- After the snow falls and before the freezing occurs, have a professional roofer like A Quality Roof Now rake the roof and remove the snow pile-up or do it yourself! Many customers call A Quality Roof Now to remove their snow because they realize the professional roofer will be careful to not disturb the protective granules of asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles loose their protective granules from unnecessary roughness. Over time, this de-granulation can reduce the the effectiveness of the shingles to repel water away from your home.  Homeowners also recognize the high risk of falling when the ground and ladders become slick. Snow removal is usually the least expensive option to prevent ice damming. However, it someone gets hurt, those costs can add up quickly. Stay safe, stay warm, and call A Quality Roof Now at (509) 439-1783 for removing snow from your roof!

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