Home Improvement & Remodeling Services

After finding confidence and satisfaction with our superior roofing services, customers often ask if we do other home improvement services. A Quality Roof Now offers installation of siding, windows, and other exterior upgrades. These renovations greatly improve your home or commercial building’s exterior, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing durability, enjoyable living space, function, and resale value.

“Getting my roof replaced was a big worry for me. Troy took his time and explained everything about the process, what day they would start and how long it would take, etc. He was spot on. The whole crew was on time, worked so diligently and did a great job! I will also be having them do my siding soon.” Teri M., Finely

“Troy was very informative about the different shingles we could put on and this company is also doing our painting and replacing some windows.” Dottie Z., Benton City

“Troy was very professional. He was very quick to respond to my emails and phone calls, provided a quick and easy to understand estimate, and his crew completed the job on time. Can’t ask for more than that.” Ryan L., Prosser

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