3 Signs It’s Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement

To repair or to replace—that’s a question that many property owners find themselves pondering
about their leaky roofs over the years. Since a residential roof differs from a commercial
roof, many business owners don’t always know when the problems they’re having are big
enough to require replacement.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what warning signs to look for to begin with. We’ve put
together the top three signs that your commercial roof is nearing or beyond its
expiration date.


As commercial roofing wears down over the years, leaks can become more common. While they
don’t automatically mean replacement, an increase in the number of leaks or in their
severity can be an indicator that replacement is on the horizon.

With commercial roofs, leaks can be much harder to spot. Look out for water spots
indoors (such as staining of ceiling tiles), mold, or even musty smells. All of these can
indicate there’s a hidden leak.


If your business has a flat roof, bubbles or “blisters” in the seal or coating are also
indicators that your roof is breaking down. Water fills these pockets and slowly seeps
through into your attic and other building framework, causing damage over time. Many
of these indicate your roof is on its last leg.

Membrane Damage

Similarly, lifted spots on your commercial roof suggest that there’s water present in the membrane
or has been; if you see actual bald spots in the membrane, it’s time to get your roof
replaced ASAP.

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