Roof Repairs or Replacement: Is Your Roof Wind Damaged?

Roof Repairs or Replacement: Is Your Roof Wind Damaged?

As the Fall season approaches, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of your roof. As the weather turns and storms occur more frequently, make sure your roof is staying sturdy throughout the seasons. Wind damage can be a problem to your roof, so it’s important to keep an eye on this.

It is in your best interest to keep your roof in good shape so it can continue to protect your house, which is often your largest asset. In addition, it’s important to recognize when its time for critical roof repairs and replacements. Missing or loose shingles are tell-tell signs that you need to get your roof inspected by a roofing professional.

Why should you act now if you have missing or loose shingles?

Aside from the visual aspect of your roof having patches of loose or missing shingles, there may be some underlying issues that are more serious than what you can see with your eyes. Missing or loose shingles can allow water to trickle down into the roof structure. As the result, trapped moisture can create an environment where rot, mold or mildew can grow. This is neither good for the residents of your home nor for your roof. Overtime, the structure of your roof can weaken.

How to know if you have wind damage to your roof?

Loose Shingles - A Quality Roof Now
Roof with loose shingles.

It isn’t always easy to tell if damage has occurred to your roof. This is especially true if you are looking up at it from the ground level. You may see your roof is missing shingles or discover shingles in your yard. Some of the shingles on your roof may be curled, damage or torn. In other cases, there may be hidden signs of wind damage to your roof such as lifting of the shingles. This raising of shingles may happen along the edges of your roof. In fact, this is usually the most common damage which goes unseen by homeowners.

How A Quality Roof Now can help you?

Roof Repairs - A Quality Roof Now
Roof is missing shingles and has a tarp.

A Quality Roof Now provides a thorough inspection of your roof, so you know what is going on over your head. If they see signs that your roof is allowing water to enter your home, they can further investigate it with sophisticated thermographic imaging and cameras to help determine if you are looking at a roof repair or a replacement.

If your roof’s damage is severe, your insurance company may cover the replacement of your roof. Did you know at A Quality Roof Now they can help you as you work with your insurance company if you have an existing claim or plan to file one? Commonly, insurance adjusters rely on a professional, licensed, and bonded roofing contractor like A Quality Roof Now to identify damage that is missing from their reports. This is important because it may save you money when replacing your roof.

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