Epoxy Finish for Cement Floor

Check out this awesome patio room epoxy finish cement floor! Yes, it really is cement!

Troy assisted Mark Jones of Rescue Construction and Restoration with Sundeck’s coating and restoration system as he transformed his newly-built, forest-themed patio room with this artistic epoxy finish. The last time I saw this room, it was under construction and the ground was a typical gray cement floor. Mark, with his chosen landscape artisan and further assisted by his wife and daughter, brought the love of the wilderness to his backyard! As you can see by the blue painter’s tape, this project was still ongoing. But already, you can see how a decorated epoxy finish flooring can add to the beauty Mark was creating in this outdoor getaway. Check back to this blog for a finished project image!

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Epoxy Floor Finish

An Epoxy Finish is great for:

Entry Ways



Garage and shops

Transforming indoor and outdoor spaces

Commercial properties of many types

Protecting and strengthening cement flooring

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